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A worry with the laser cutter is fumes from the cutting condensing on the focussing lense, leading to all sorts of badness. Additionally, cutting materials like acrylic is improved by having an air stream to blow the melted plastic away. Accordingly, I decided to add air assist to the laser cutter. In short, this consists of adding a nozzle to the cutting head, and running an air line to it. Lindsay Wilson did a similar modification.

First, I had some shopping to do )

Since the new head will require a new mirror bracket, and another method to hold objects to be cut at the correct height, I haven't yet given the new air assist system a tryout. I'll need to realign the optics once the new mirror mount is fabricated and installed, then I can give the new air assist system a test drive.

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I went to put together my mill, only to realize that the "CNC ready" version didn't support manual operation without having dual-shaft motors installed. Oops!

I considered buying the motors from Sherline, but they want $65 apiece for their stepper motors. I knew I wanted NEMA 23 size motors, with reasonable torque, voltage, and current ratings, and dual shafts (the mill handwheels attach to the other shaft). So I checked the usual suppliers, and ended up buying a set of three from a seller on eBay.

they got here today (pictures) )

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